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29% of lawyers hate to answer routine client questions
Every day, lawyers spend a lot of time consulting, collecting data and preparing standard documents.
Let robots handle the routine
Why waste time on tasks a robot can do? Create a bot that can handle intake for thousands of new clients, collect important data and even automatically create documents —
no programming knowledge needed. You focus on hard legal tasks while the robot handles client intake.

Easily and quickly work with clients provides you with all of the tools needed to automate the process of routine client questions and intake. You can use the platform in your website or in messaging apps like Facebook, and customize your chat-bot however you’d like: with the help of the you easily develop a custom script
for any client dialogue.
Bring in new clients and collect relevant data
Your custom chat-bot will ask necessary intake questions, record the client’s data and a record
of the conversation, and ask them for copies of necessary
Create documents automatically
How often do you have to prepare typical documents? With, you can let the client do the work
by answering simple questions and downloading the completed document right from the chat.
Never Waste Time On Another Fruitless Consultation
Lawyers spend a lot of time consulting on simple, repetitive issues. Build a custom consultation session
in less than 15 minutes, and spend your newly found freedom on more complex
A smart web assistant your legal team will love will enable employees to make informed decisions on standard issues, leaving
the complex cases for experts.

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Give your customers a more efficient way to get the answers they need, any time of day or night.
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A perfect solution for every firm

Increase your
Gain a fuller understanding of your clients,
before meeting them. All information from the chat
is recorded automatically, saving you time.
You will be surprised at how profitable is.
You’ll be able to dramatically increase the speed
of client intake, without increasing your staff.
No programmers
With, it's easy to build your own bot
without programming knowledge. The intuitive
interface allows you to customize a brilliant bot in minutes.

Welcome new clients 24/7

A chat bot on your website or in Messenger will help you find new customers in a familiar and comfortable environment. When you can answer client questions any time of day or night, you’ll easily increase the number of happy clients.
Engage in btrealtime
People can talk to your law firm when it’s convenient for them, whenever and wherever. This level of access will make them feel like a king - and will give you a serious competitive advantage.
24/7 support
Your clients will never have to wait for a simple answer again. Bots work around the clock and never show their frustration with even the most simple of questions.
Empower your clients
Both you and your clients will save time by answering simple questions online and providing relevant files in advance. When you speak face to face, the conversation will be much more productive.
Empower your clients and take back your time. Use to launch a smart chatbot in minutes.
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